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Tool Usage: Text2Image


Text2Image refers to obtaining images through text descriptions.

Example: Completing Text2Image Using the Stable Diffusion Tool


Use the text-to-image tool of stable diffusion to generate an image from a given text description.


python examples/di/
python examples/di/

Execution Results

Produces a 512x768 image in metagpt's workspace/resources/SD_Output

Mechanism Explained

  1. Standardize the existing code under metagpt/tools to provide it to DataInterpreter. The tool definition is placed under metagpt/tools/functions/schemas, see stable_diffusion.yml.
  2. When planning tasks, DataInterpreter automatically sets the intermediate task type as "stable_diffusion", scanning for available tools related to stable diffusion during task execution.
  3. Upon discovering available tools: ['SDEngine'], it loads the tool code and automatically uses SD T2I (Text to Image) code to generate images according to current needs. Before generating images, it automatically expands the SD Prompt.

Released under the MIT License.