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MetaGPT: The Multi-Agent Framework

Assign different roles to GPTs to form a collaborative software entity for complex tasks.

  1. MetaGPT takes a one line requirement as input and outputs user stories / competitive analysis / requirements / data structures / APIs / documents, etc.
  2. Internally, MetaGPT includes product managers / architects / project managers / engineers. It provides the entire process of a software company along with carefully orchestrated SOPs.
    1. Code = SOP(Team) is the core philosophy. We materialize SOP and apply it to teams composed of LLMs.

A software company consists of LLM-based roles

Software Company Multi-Role Schematic

MetaGPT's Abilities

MetaGPT started as a software company, but its capabilities are not limited to that. You can use this multi-agent framework in your own scenario to build your own application. For details, you can refer to Researcher under Use Cases. Let's do it.

Examples (fully generated by GPT-4)

For example, if you type metagpt "Design a RecSys like Toutiao", you would get many outputs, one of them is data & api design

Jinri Toutiao Recsys Data & API Design

It costs approximately $0.2 (in GPT-4 API fees) to generate one example with analysis and design, and around $2.0 for a full project.

Released under the MIT License.